“Somewhere deep in the dank, dark depths of Dallas, Texas, there sits a life-form furiously cranking out loud, fast, repetitive, and aggressive electronic noises which--much to the displeasure of the vast majority of the world's population--he and many others consider ‘music’.

This life-form, also code-named ‘NeoQor’, has managed to commandeer several high-powered audio systems, propelling forth his self-proclaimed ‘girthy audio’ from atop stages in every corner of the United States as well as into hundreds of thousands of earholes all over the world.

This ‘girthy audio' has become a public health hazard, inducing uncontrollable body spasms, ‘wooping’, whistle-tooting, involuntary ‘collab bros?’, untamed foot-stomping, moshing, and the occasional case of melted face.

And yet, he does not stop. Like a machine, he carries on, cranking out more and more tracks unblinkingly and without any hesitation or second thoughts.

Somebody please help.

For the love of God, somebody please help us all...”*IMG_20200406_163344_002*jpg?alt=media&token=50af2824-16d6-49a5-99ba-12420a88cc7e

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